Girl day hyeri dating tony [Breaking] Tony An (H.O.T) and Girl's Day's Hyeri reported to be dating

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Some of the comments here make it sound like a girl her age would never be interested in older guys but to me, it's common. I remembered, an article about Girls Day have to hug their fans, mostly male.

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Usually a good guy would just be "cute little sister" and even if he finds her attractive would control himself. Sorry but judging Tony more coz he's old enough to know. Becuz if he is serious about Hyeri, shouldn't he think about protecting her?

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Guest April 16, at 2: He is totally gross. News 1 via Nate 1. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist.

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She'll be 20 soon in Western years and heaps of people that age date guys in their thirties. They call them uncle, ajussi or in her case she should've called him sunbae not oppa. She knows that you need a strong sponsor if you dating tony to last in the industry, and being Tony's girlfriend is a hundred times better than laying around with company CEOs. LOL,but when tony ahn was an active idol,lets say roughly girls back H. Rukie Andrei Oz dating app 16, at 3: Hanabi Ameya April day, at The couple, with an age gap of 16 years, supposedly started dating back in March.

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I think if they didn't have the sponsorship, they would still be below or around Rainbow's level of popularity but with this comeback, they're ahead of them now. I hate all the people who hate on her. We only have one or two instances where they recorded tv shows together, which means they were meeting privately. Sumin continued, " She's an alum. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

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Either you got to get in a big company or get a big sponsor. Song Hye Gyo's wedding dress labeled as Christian Dior.

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It's not only Tony that should be hated for dating a younger girl. Hyeri is just going to get her cherry popped and thrown away. Oppa, you admit it yourself too, right?!?

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T disbanded in ,i guess ,she must have just been about years old. But yeah I guess thats the fucked up part, meeting when she was still a child, besides being in the public eye, they have to be careful of their actions.

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For now I have enough good impression of him to not dating tony he's some pedophile. Guest April 16, at dating femme As for him, she is really young and he is the one that should have stepped in a known better. Tony An said back, "It's weird because you said, 'It's okay,'" making everyone laugh. I'm even too lazy to put on toner and lotion. Park Shin Hye shares her honest thoughts about dating and marriage Tony An, who came out on the show to introduce Sumin, was unable to hide he was taken aback at the mention of his ex-girlfriend.

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It's not only Tony that should be hated for dating a younger girl. I'm close to Girl's Day 's Hyeri. They are getting to know each other with fond feelings.

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