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Perhaps the chicks they cleaned up were tourists?

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Click here to review them. I know that this is the seciton of Turkey but I would like to emphasise it Another vote for Brazil, and from a different cultural perspective than we usually get on this board.

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It's not as hard as you believe bro When I was in Sweden with my brother and a few friends my brother got with a nice tall Swedish-Turkish chick too and they are very good looking as was mentioned on this forum If you see a lot of British opinions praising the hotel - stay away. Thanks for the tip man! As many in this forum mentioned, it's not easy to pick up girls in Italy or Argentinia and Turkey is a muslim country.

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For Turkish girls your best best is sticking with the cities. Lovechild Male Feminist Posts: In my opinion, black guys have a niche market in just about every capital in Europe so it's not really a good indicator for everyone. I live in Germany and saw so many times in News that german guys got beaten up, because they danced with the turkish chicks. Are there Salsa Clubs in Instanbul?

If you have great game or get lucky and some how pull a fine Turkish woman, you will be incredibly stoked. Overall I'd say that Turkey is pretty liberal for a Muslim hook up turkey, but is still way more conservative than Europe, S.

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Plus, clubs are not cheap there, depends on the club, but 20 lira cover and 10 lira drinks is normal I think the current rate is 1. We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. If you see British complaining that the hotel was overrun by Russians - bingo! All that aside, most of the Turkish girls pretend like a star even ugly ones Which makes me irritable because of their less hook up turkey in society.

Turkey is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe, you will have fun there.

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One was gorgeous, I thought she was Brazilian. Beautiful city and the women are definitely beautiful. Dating sites reviews were crazy about football or soccer as it's called in North America.

They definitely have a Mediterranean look and lot's with olive skin, light brown hair, and green eyes.

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I've tried a few times the city bars in Antalya and Bodrum too, but not much luck for me there. I don't think black guys cleaning up, nobody can do it with the local girl s.

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It has nothing to do with the religion, it's tradition. If anyone goes there expecting such success, they may be disappointed.

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For many families dating picture frames honor killing are justifiable if the women only talk to strangers. Are the girls in the clubs into SNL?

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Also not my preferred nationalities as I think they're spoiled psychos in general, but I'm willing to give them another shot: It does make me understand why so many black artists, writers, musicians flocked to Paris back in the day though.

I also like other latin countries.

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Turkish women are too ashamed to be hookers, though I'm sure there are a few rough ones out there. Nothing is more important than the honor of the family. Izmir could be a good bet, as Turks claim their most beautiful women come from there.

Turkish girls do go there, though they can be tough to find amidst all the other drunkards from all over Europe.

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It's hard for an english speaker to know the facts because anglophone media aren't interested in Turkey.