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You might also like these newsletters: I assume you still use CDs because of the sound quality - I can't think of any other reason - so I see two options.

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I took the same file and added it multiple times to the CD so that I had many tracks. Car Stereo Radio 3.

Introduction: Add an Auxiliary (MP3/Ipod) Input to Your Car's Stock Radio

Although try not to shut the wire in your car door it tends to make it die. Any reason why it would do this?

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I found the terminals on my head unit where I will connect the wires, but from everything I have read elsewhere, I will need to connect 7 wires. When drilling in the dash, be very careful and know exactly what's behind your drill bit so you don't accidentally drill into something important!

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It's got regular tracks, but there's no sound played. Welcome to the Make: This should be possible.

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The cd high school hook up 6 queens in my '03 Camry doesn't work anymore, and I didn't really want to buy a new deck.

The same should apply for domestic cars made by the same manufacturer. The idea is, cpa dating affiliate one in their right mind would steal this thing.

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Could you not just pause a normal CD and use the iPod? I looked through this whole thread and didn't see an answer to one of the very first questions posted: It has the same audio quality as an aux I personally love it because its cheap.

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This made an excellent location to mount the external jack since it was inconspicuous and also I could wire it up at my workbench instead of in the car. I tried also a silent track of 20 sec.

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Its about 10 hookups for factory radio at walmart. I want to do this same thing to my Chevy Colorado but only with bluetooth. FYI - they do make "wire glue" but I've never used it and wouldn't trust it to something installed into a relatively harsh, inaccessible environment like a car. I bought the one from the link to Radio Shack and don't really understand how to connect the wires properly.

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You can find more info on doing this sort of thing online. I'd suggest a test run before you completely reinstall the stereo to find it doesn't work.

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