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Pregnant after 6 weeks of dating, 3 weeks pregnant in a 4 week relationship

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I'm currently 32weeks pregnant now obviously decided to keep baby lol and everything between me and my partners relationship seems to be doing ok, but I always know that you never know what could happen not that I'm hoping it all goes wrong of course Hope this might help and hope you do what you feel is right Sam x x.

Are you sure you want to delete? I know a lot of guys who would have bolted as soon as they found out.

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Hi Lisa, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now I think she's divorced. As said before, you could be married 20 years then have a baby and split up weeks later.

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My mum is another story with a happy ending. Once you both see your baby everything will be fine.

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I met my bf just 6 weeks ago. LOL Anyways, depending on the maturity of the individual, single MOM dom isn't so bad, ya just have to make a lot of sacrifices.

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Already registered with Mumsnet? If it were me, I'd be inclined to tell the guy but leave it up to him what he wants to do and how involved he wants to be.

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We didn't know when it broke, so it could have been at any point in our vigorous lovemaking. DS is now three.

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I just wanted to sound like Dr. Things have been great between us and I really think we would have worked out long term. I think that hurt them far more than anything else Did you tell overseas online dating My biggeset fear is it not working out with this new guy and i have ot deal with a child by myself if he chooses not to be involved. Unknown territory is really scary matchmaking in heroes of the storm me.

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We have always been open and honest with each other and dealt with the ups and downs togeather. Sorry that should say that she pregnant after 6 weeks of dating out she was 6 weeks pg when she had been with him 2 months.

I suppose a positive way of looking at it is that the situation in itself will help us get to know each other quickly!

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I, myself, am pro-choice, but would never stand idley by while someone aborted my child. I know he can't handle this on top of what he is going through. I got PG totally unplanned, thought I was a past it and b infertile by an old drinking buddy at the age of Like a few of the girls have said some couples are together years and then spilt up when they have a baby you just don't have a crystal ball to know how things may turn out.

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Or really any other remarks you may have about the scenario. Yes, it takes two to tango and everyone makes mistakes.

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First of all make sure that you know what you want to do in regards to this pregnancy so that you won't be bullied into something that you don't want to do. Well, I have never been in this situation but I had to giggle at it a bit.

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By 28, you should know better than this situation. She's Getting Married in the Morning