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This means that each club has a vote based on the number of gamers that it has.

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We offer like-minded and elite singles dating, through upmarket and corporate singles introductions to YOUR specs, in total confidentiality no exposure on any sites and do the search for you — the best personalised care and attention available from the leading agency for dating SA! Effective Measure is the leading and most trusted audience measurement company in the Middle East and South Africa. Up until that point the MSSA used the rampant lion as its symbol.

Such colours are awarded to all gamers who are learners and who win all their games at a National championship, or to gamers who have been selected to represent South Africa.

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Find your sports dating partner! The MSSA was one of the members that encouraged unity during the apartheid era, and thus voted in favour of the unifying of sport. Clubs are directly affiliated to the MSSA which ensures that there is greater site south and inclusion. Anyone can join the MSSA as long as the procedure is followed. Please take this as seriously as we do as we personally care about your future in a rewarding and meaningful new relationship.

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The profits of a Regional Championship, unlike Provincial and National Championships, are retained by the host clubs. At the end of the year, at the Annual General Meeting AGMthe member club's will vote in a proper replacement who will be in the position for the full term. There is a place for everyone at Perfect Partners! How do I get to represent South Africa officially? How do elections work?

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Not only will more people have access to gaming but, it is the clubs that are the foundation upon which the association is built. A club may have as few gaslighting online dating one vote, or as many as votes — it all depends dating sites belfast free the size of the club.

This is of course aided by the system allowing each player to play every round unlike in a knock-out type competition.

It is then at the Annual General Meeting that the member clubs vote for the candidates that they most prefer. If I stay far away from where a championship is being played, what can I do? Salaries in any company are the single largest expense, but by running the MSSA as a volunteer organisation, the MSSA can cut costs and achieve much more!

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The MSSA is a private association that is run by its members for its members. This is all part of a greater vision for getting gaming to grow in South Africa.

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You will soon see why we are unique and different. It should be an adventure Who can play in which championship? To earn Regional Colours, the gamer must win a Regional Championship, or be selected to represent a Region in an Inter-regional test match.

Contact Coming Soon Please contact us at mindsportssa iafrica. The rules are simple and afford every gamer the possibility of earning such colours.

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The clubs then review the Financial Statements and either accept or reject them at a General Meeting.