Dating tyres Tyre Sidewall Markings Explained

Dating tyres

Is there anyway of determining the wall stiffness of a tyre?

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But we should also be looking at the date code as oxidisation is also a serious concern, and since datings tyres are made of rubber they degrade with age. Tyres age dangerously because a chemical process commonly referred to as oxidisation occurs, this simply means that a tyres components are exposed to oxygen, the oxygen particles cause the flexible components of the tyre to harden and become brittle.

Our consumer expert, James Foxall, offers a good tip to check how old your car's tyres are.

During the 80's it was a 3 digit code giving the week number and year of tyre. You might not think it's important but tyres' performance actually deteriorates as they age. I drive a MGF which works well with 2 tyre brands because of the wall stiffness. Please check that the above dating tyres is accurate to your vehicle before proceeding with your order.


What is your registration number? Roger Griggs from Kwikfit questions you should ask when dating Apparently the wall stiffness of the 2 tyres are significant to the handling……. Use that information to make sure you're buying tyres with the longest shelf life possible.

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This site uses cookies. Tyre Width Select 31 35 37 How old is too old?

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How to clean up when selling your car. For example, would refer to the 26th week of What if I need to cancel my booking with you? Here is what the markings on the tyre in the picture mean:.

Other Tyre Markings – Tyre Manufacturing Date

How much space do you require in order to work on my vehicle? Do tyres have a shelf life? This might suggest the tyres had been stored outside and suffered UV damage, for example. Your email address will not be published. If these details don't match your vehicle, check your registration and try again.

This should be higher than the maximum speed expats dating brussels the car.

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In this case, V dating a speed rating of up to mph. If you have just had the tyres fitted, I would check if air pressures are correct. Photo shows a crack around the edge of a tyre.

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Because this process occurs naturally, it doesn't matter if a tyre is being used, stored as a spare, or waiting on a shelf in a tyre depot, the breakdown process has started from day one. Also known as the aspect ratio. Look closely and you can discover when your car's tyres were made, thus helping to determine how worn they might be.