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The blushing cousin admitted McCarthy s reenactment of the episode was pretty dead on. The source added that Whitlock and Reid had only finished filming part of the skit, and that it had never been officially greenlit boston college dating scene the first place.

Wap toplist Wap ranking Wapmaster site mobile "It was very quiet at first, and I'm thinking, 'The audience is already turning before they even know what's going on. There was very nearly a McCarthy family tragedy when the actress happened to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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You could just feel it in the room. And then I get off, and I have all of these texts, like 'Oh, my God, are you looking at what's happening?

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Her take on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, which debuted in February, has become a standout moment for this season of the NBC show, helping to draw record viewers and even reportedly unsettling the president himself so much that Spicer's longevity in the job became questioned. Considerable buzz built ahead of this week's episode when cellphone videos and photos emerged Friday of McCarthy in character as Spicer travelling along a busy Manhattan street on a portable podium.

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As McCarthy explained, her little cousin was so excited by the boy band news that she appeared to be having a medical emergency.