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But also keep in mind that there isn't any credible sources for this rumor.

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Next Article Newer Post. Soon sora dating, the journalist did report big news - "Shin Dong Yup marijuana scandal". Shin Dong Yup heard the news before it was reported.

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Shin Dong Yup was immediately thrown into a jail. People are reaching out to work with BTS because they're talented.

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I like the article This is heartwarming 81 This makes me sad 1 I'm angry 7 I want the next part of this article 3. I'm proud of them.

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It's been revealed that group BTS Suga was suggested as the rapper and it's being discussed positively. This is a translation fanblog for ARMYs. We should take this rumor with a grain of salt.

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It's because the PDs knew that he smoked marijuana for Lee Sora and they did a petition to support him. Group BTS will spread their influence worldwide. A lot of K-netizens take this rumor as an open secret, but at the same time, many netizens also claim that this rumor has no evidence or credibility. I'm reasons why dating sites are bad forward to the collaboration of the senior and junior!

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Lee Sora filmed a porno for money when she debuted and it was exported overseas. He requested a meeting to see the journalist and asked him not to report it.

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At first, they thought of Tablo as the rapper but it's been revealed that Tablo has suggested Suga as the rapper who lee sora dating suit with Lee Sora's vocal tone. I really enjoy listening to the recent album by BTS and I support them I was so close from becoming their fan after watching mic drop Shin Dong Yup was in a relationship with a very popular model Lee Sora at that time.

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This is the first rap featuring in Lee Sora's song since her debut. However, Lee Sora broke up with him shortly after lee was discharged.

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This is a rumor behind this scandal: You Might Also Like News. The combination of Lee Sora and Tablo itself is refreshing. On December 14,Shin Dong Yup got arrested for smoking marijuana.

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The fact that she's returning to the gayo industry with the song composed and written by Tablo is capturing a lot of attention. I'm going to post one of the replies to the comment: For example, in a recent article of criminal celebritiesthe top comment was talking about this rumor.