Is rocky from bgc dating zuly Rocky Santiago

Is rocky from bgc dating zuly

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I want a family with a girl or a guy I think I'm gonna end up with a girl lol Have you ever considered Modeling? TV has changed my life now I don't have much privacy because everyone knows who I am.

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Shanonn manly looking ass probably turned Rocky out. I remain friends with Shannon.

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She should've stayed with the girl from the show. They're kind of cute together though.

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She's nice to look at Zuly's extreme thirst aggravates me tired of internet dating no end! Apr 6, 2.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating in high school

Apr 6, 6. It's called being real.

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I show my true colors as well as them. Apr 6, 1.

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Who did you remain friends with, and do you still hold a grudge against the one's who tried to bring you down on your season? Apr 6, 5.

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My favorite place to party is in my back yard or simply in the middle of nowhere perhaps by a river or lake country music and beer! I don't like being in public really that much ever since the show I'm kinda getting anti-social lol, but yeah, always having to watch your back - especially your drinks- its scary!!!

I plan on returning to college and getting my degree in what?

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How has reality TV changed your life? I grew up with 6 brothers, so that makes me a tough cookie. Share the Love of all committed relationships couplesforequality.